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Why Are People Afraid To Book Steam Cleaning Service

A very dignified and respectful carpet cleaning company in Harrow was recently asked to participate in a local survey regarding the carpet cleaning booking process and the amount of annual consumers of that service that they have.

Surprisingly the results presented by professional carpet cleaning service showed that in 90% of the cases the customers that are calling them on the direct office lines to book a carpet steam cleaning service are women. Only the remaining 10% of the customers were male and most of them were not even purchasing the service for themselves but buying cleaning vouchers as a present for their girlfriends and wives.

What The Data Showed

We got deeper into the subject and tried to investigate what was the main reason for that. On the first place,of course, came the fact that men were not really bothered by a few ketchup stains on the living room carpet after dinner. They had a more relaxed attitude when it came to cleaning and didn’t worry that their carpet could be permanently damaged if they don’t take immediate actions.

steam cleaning

The interviewed women on the other hand were always concerned about living in a healthy domestic environment and wanted to get rid of all dirt and bacteria as soon as possible. And since they had no time and no proper equipment for that they considered booking professional carpet cleaning services a must.

Another reason that men pointed as a reason why they didn’t want to call carpet cleaning Acton companies was that they don’t recognize different fabrics and colour nuances as well as women and they would not be able to describe the cleaning problem properly to the sales assistant over the phone. Another reason was that they considered spending so much money on cleaning services quite pointless.

Positive news, however, is that men are becoming more open-minded regarding the steam cleaning services as just a few years ago the cleaning service purchases done by men were just 5%, so there was a big improvement in the recent years.

Carpet Cleaning Precautions

Although hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to take care of your carpets is the best way to ensure that they are completely clean and germ-free, many people can’t afford it and they clean their carpets themselves. If you’re one of these people, then you should keep in mind several things when taking care of your carpet in order to prevent any damages. The most important thing should do is to ensure that your carpet cleaning solution is out of the reach of your kids and pets.

When cleaning carpet stains or using any carpet fresheners, ensure that you keep your kids and pets off the carpet until you finish the cleaning procedure and vacuum the carpet thoroughly.
When it comes to carpet cleaning, experts advise to ensure that the cleaning product you purchase is suitable for your type of carpets. Thus, you’ll eliminate the risk of carpet damage or discolouring.

Another carpet cleaning precaution is to test the carpet cleaner on a small, hidden spot of your carpet before treating any other part of the carpet. When you’re sure that the cleaning product causes no discolouring or carpet fibre damage, then you can treat the carpet stain.

It’s extremely important to follow manufacturer’s directions for both synthetic and wool carpets. Keeping in mind these carpet cleaning precautions when treating your carpet, you will not only be sure that there won’t be any risks for the health of your family, but you will also prolong the life of your carpet.